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🔗 TransGlobal24

TransGlobal24 - Website

TransGlobal24 is a professional Language Service Provider that specialises in translation and localisation and covers all the main global language combinations as well as most dialects for our local and international clients

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🔗 FieldFLEX

FieldFLEX - Website

FieldFLEX is a leading developer of mobile enterprise software for corporate real estate and workplace management organizations worked with over 40 leading Fortune 500 companies.

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🔗 IFFA 2020

India Film Festival of Alberta (IFFA) 2021 - UI/UX + Website

India Film Festival of Alberta is one of the most awaited events of the year. It features several award-winning and independent movies from India. Drive-ins in four cities across Alberta and the online festival streamed live across Canada. Website designed in partnership with Gnapi, inc. Canada

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🔗 BB Games Ltd

BB Games Ltd - Website

Founded in 2018 BB Games set out to innovate and create new and exciting content for the world of gaming. The games are created by people who live and work gaming. Their mission is to create a limited number of high-quality, unique games that stand out in the busy marketplace.

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🔗 Parada Foundation

Parada Foundation - Website

The Parada Foundation is a non-profit organization. They are focused on qualifying you to teach English to Speakers of Other Languages. You will be able to gain a TESOL/TEFL PLUS qualification. The course duration is 4 weeks. It is part of the Paradanusorn School in Thailand.
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🔗 Experiential Producer

Thomas Campbell - Experiential Producer - Website

With over 10 years of experience as a Director of Production, Thomas has over 500 activations under his belt with brands in all categories. He has activated in all major cities as well as all major events in the US; Super Bowl, South by Southwest, Art Basel, San Diego, and NYC Comic-Con, NBA All-Star Weekend to name a few.

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🔗 Igold Capital

iGold Capital - Website

An e-commerce store based in Austria and Germany

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🔗 Norlense

NorLense - Oil Recovery - Brochure Design

Brochure design for an Oil Recovery Company based in Norway

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🔗 Love Army Charity

Love Army Charity - Website

A charitable group of youngsters helping the poor, needy, trans, and children.

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🔗 KD Security

KD Security - Website

A security agency based in Austria

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User Experience & Interface Design

Research, Analysis, Wireframes, Screens, Color Psychology, Typography, Icons, Images, Visual Harmony, Prototypes. Attention to minute details and smooth flow of process. Applying user-centred experience and design to all the products.

Branding & Art Direction

Branding is not just a logo, It is an implant of an idea into the viewers’ mind. Creatively solving the puzzle with the right procedures and plan of operation. Logos, Graphic Design, Stationery.

Website Design & Development

A mark in society, Adds unrivaled strength to your business. Developing with the latest tech and trends to beat the competitors. WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Squarespace, etc.



India Film Festival of Alberta - In partnership with Gnapi, Canada

India Film Festival of Alberta 2020

An Indian Film Festival of Alberta website – In partnership with Gnapi, Canada

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BB Games LTD

A slot games company in the United Kingdom

Parada Foundation - TEFL/TESOL A TEFL/TESOL training institute in Thailand

Parada Foundation

A TEFL(Teaching English as a Foreign Language)/TESOL training institute in Thailand

Thomas Campbell - Experiential Producer for Big brands like CN, Puma, Disney, Netflix

Thomas Campbell – Experiential Producer

An Experiential Producer portfolio with Big brands like CN, Puma, Disney, Netflix

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iGold Capital

An E-Commerce store of Gold and Silver based in Austria.

Norlense - Oil Recovery Company

NorLense – Oil Recovery

Brochure for an Oil Recovery Company based in Norway.

Love Army Charity - A Non-Profit Organization In India

Love Army Charity

A charitable group of youngsters helping the poor, needy, trans, children.

KD Security - A Security Agency in Germany

KD Security

A Security Agency in Europe



Amazing Delivery, Extremely recommended person. Furnished my website with less budget and world-class design. Many Thanks

Peter Klein
Director, Parada Institute – Thailand
Installed many software in my server like OsTicket, BugTracker, RoundCube E-mail Client. Developed many websites. I strongly recommend him.

Rez Dillion
Security Agency, Austria
Tracy designed my website flawlessly and very beautifully. Designed from a user perspective and attracted many customers.


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